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Description: Pool Heating Cape Town- Choosing the Best pool heating Service Finding the perfect pool heating company in Cape Town is not as difficult as it seems. Cape Pool Heating is the convenient and economical choice when it comes to choosing a company to find and manage your your pool area. If you are looking for a fully serviced Pool, then you are at the right place. More people today are opting for serviced Heated pools because of the many benefits they pose. Listed below are some of the benefits of choosing the right pool service to Cape pool heating with us as your serviced pool provider. The Benefits of Choosing a Serviced pool Cape Pool Heating 1. It Saves Money Installing a Solar Heater in your pool lets you save more money than managing and building your own home because you only pay once for the electricity and you get to save energy and preserve the environment. There are no extra rates, taxes or exorbitant maintenance costs. 2. Convenient Location The location of your Pool is an important factor in that it stays warm at all times. With Cape Pool Heating, we offer heaters to the People of Cape town which are centrally placed with access to almost every destination in the city. 3. Great Amenities When you choose the right Pool heating in Cape Town, we provide you with all the amenities you need to service your Pool. Each Pool is fitted with solar Pool panels. Cape Pool Heating specializes in the manufacture of solar pool panels. Solar panels are made to strict and high standards and therefore each panel has a 10 year warranty. All materials used in the manufacture are UV resistant. Cape Pool Heating is a company dedicated in quality and specializes in manufacturing. Cold water is drawn from the pool via the pool pump to the sand filter. Your current pool pump configuration will lead the water back to the pool once filtered. When solar panels are installed, this is the stage where a riser pipe is led to the panels situated on the north facing roof. The panels outlet will lead back down and connect with the original pipe leading to your pool. The water will keep circulating as long as the pump is running. The heating cycle can be isolated by closing the valve between cold and hot water pipes.
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