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Tenders in the corporate world is seen as takeover bids since this is a way of buying a companies stocks. So if a tender is won and another company owns stock of that company they own a share, and many a time this share can be the majority. There are rules, regulations and so on, regarding these tenders and for a businessman to get into the corporate world, knowing these rules could be pivotal.

In the article below Kathleen Chester discusses the ins-and-outs of online tender offers and how bidding's work in order to be considered by the shareholders. Use the link to view various articles on online tenders on CBN's website as well as business related articles.

Biddings on Online Tender Offers
Author: Kathleen Chester

A tender offer is a fancy way of saying “takeover bid” in corporate finance. Basically, a company makes a tender offer, which is a public offer of stock, and provides details regarding the specific price and the time period in which bids can be placed on that offer. There is a minimum and a maximum number of shares that can be tendered.

If you have ever heard about one company taking over another company by buying their shares, this is how it is done. You’ve probably even seen recent news in which one major company was making tender offers to the shareholders of another company. When one company controls most of the shares, they control most of that business. If they control all of the shares, they own that business.

As for how the bids work, the bidder will contact each of the shareholders with an offer price for their shares. However, this contact doesn’t mean that the company has endorsed the proposal. It is really the shareholders who make that decision.

However, in order for the company making the offer to get the control that they desire, the tender offers have to be above that of the current market share’s value. A shareholder will most likely not sell for what the share is worth. They want more in order for it to be worth their while.

There are certain rules that govern tender offers. Those rules include:

    * The amount of time in which tender offers have to stay open.

    * Whether or not one group of shareholders can receive preferential treatment over another group.

    * Regulation of insider trading.

    * What needs to be done to modify tender offers after they have been issued.

It is the Williams Act that governs tender offers. It doesn’t matter if they are online tender offers or if they are done offline. The laws are all the same. Online tender offers simply provide individuals with more accessibility. More information is available than what there would be otherwise. Shareholders have the option of looking up certain details regarding the tender offers. They can check up on the company making the tender offer and see what their relationship is with the company they want to control. If it is a good relationship, that is promising. If the relationship has been a bad one, that is not so promising.

In the end, tender offers make a great way for shareholders to benefit when one company wants to buy another.  Online tender offers make the process so much easier. Perhaps that is because we are all now quite accustomed to taking care of important business on the Internet. We prefer to do a lot of our business on the Internet, which explains why business as important as tender offers is taking place online.

So now you know about how tender offers work. You may have experienced this. You may have had several companies offering you certain prices for your shares so that they could buy a company that you have invested in.

Date Posted: 2009-07-16
Posted By: Online Tenders
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