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The Bloukrans Bungy: Highest commercial bungee jump in the world


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Plettenberg Bay is synonymous with natural beauty, breathtaking hikes and mind spinning panoramas but there is a wilder side to this 'rustig' seaside town.

40km east of this peacefull, natural paradise stands the imposing Bloukrans River Bridge. With a height of 216 metres and a 7 second free fall, the Bloukrans Bungy is the heighest commercially operated Bungee jump in the world.

To find out more what this beautiful region offers read the article below and browse the links for additional information about Plettenberg Bay or CBN's business news.

Highest commercial bungee jump in the world: The Bloukrans Bungy

The Bloukrans Bridge on The Garden Route, South Africa, is home to the highest commercial bungee jump site in the world. Here you can master your fear of heights and test yourself with this fearsome leap into the unknown at a well run, professional and safe bungee jumping site.

You might ask why one would jump off a perfectly good bridge with a rope tied to your ankles. In the case of the Bloukrans bungee jump, the answer is simple: for the thrill of it!

The Bloukrans Bridge is the highest commercially operated Bungee jump in the world and therefore an absolute must on the list of thrill seekers and adrenalin junkies (and even those just trying to cure their fear of heights!) You will find it along the N2 Highway in the garden route at the Tsitsikamma Forest Village Market, just 40km east of Plettenberg Bay.

The bridge itself is also the highest single span arch bridge in the world and you can check out the story behind that near the jump site to help calm the nerves. There are four options for thrill seekers at Bloukrans: The single Bungee, tandem Bungee, the Flying Fox slide and the Bridge walking tour for the slightly less adventurous (although for some that could be more daunting than the jump).

The way the jump works is as follows: first you are secured in a full body harness and then walked along a specially designed catwalk (216m long), suspended beneath the road surface to the jump site at the top of the arch. Here you are standing 216 meters above the Bloukrans River. Once at the jump site, you will be given final instructions by highly experienced staff, secured to the bungy cords, led to the edge, given a countdown and off you go!

All products used by the operators are designed with safety as the highest priority and all equipment conforms to international standards. Highly trained and experienced staff ensures that you get the experience of a lifetime.      

Date Posted: 2009-08-20
Posted By: Villa Formosa
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