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Plettenberg bay holiday Luxury Villas - Villa Formosa


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If you have been on a couple of holidays, then you will know that the novelty of staying in a mainstream hotel can wear off rather quickly. For all the comforts that it offers in terms of service and convenience, one can find oneself wanting a more personal experience on a vacation. If you are such a traveller, then it is high time that you look into hiring a luxury villa on your next holiday to get an accommodation experience with a homely touch...

Take a swim on sandy beaches or in a heated private pool, then breakfast on the deck under large umbrellas and enjoy one of the finest views in Plettenberg Bay at Villa Formosa


Villa Rental - A Great Vacation Alternative
By: Randy Zlobec      
You may not have heard about the possibility of renting your own private villa when you go on vacation. Available all over the world, these vacation rental homes are standalone homes featuring such luxuries as main service, private pools, and even your own private chef. Because you can share the cost of the villa rental among the people who are staying there, villas don't have to be expensive. They can even cost less than a standard hotel room, provided you choose the right villa and visit in the right season.

All travel destinations have a high season and a low season. In this case, "high" and "low" refer to the amount of traffic that comes to the destination at that time. When there are a lot of travelers going to a given location, the cost of renting villas and hotel rooms goes up. However, in the low season, you can get an excellent discount on your villa rental. By planning carefully, you can get great deals on a luxury villa that would otherwise be out of your price range.

If you want to experience private luxury, a villa is a great choice. You won't have to deal with running into other guests and sharing spaces the way you'd have to in an ordinary hotel. For the period of your rental, the whole villa is yours. Also called "private island rentals," and "holiday lets," villas allow you to enjoy yourself without the press of people getting in the way.

Villa rentals come in a wide variety of price ranges from as little as $1500 per week, to as much as $350,000 per week, for large luxurious structures in prime locations. Most of us will be renting villas on the lower end, since the most luxurious ones are normally occupied by celebrities.

Remember that it's important to get trip insurance when you stay at a rented villa. You may have to put 20% to 50% of the rental cost down in advance. Trip insurance will repay you this amount, should weather or other factors prevent you from fulfilling your vacation plans. A villa is a great investment, but you wouldn't want to lose the money you've put into due to unforeseen problems.

If you're thinking of taking your vacation abroad, but are looking for somewhere different and luxurious to stay, consider a holiday getaway at a private villa. These great vacation rental homes are much more affordable than they might seem, and offer a sumptuous and friendly home away from home. In addition to the off-season rates, it's also possible to ask for special "honeymoon rates" and other discounts. Remember that most villas won't guarantee your dates without a deposit, so plan carefully and get everything figured out before you reserve your vacation home. Villa rentals offer us a different, luxurious way to spend our vacations. Take advantage of them now.
About The Author

Randy Zlobec - Marketing Professional For Vacation Homes

Date Posted: 2009-04-28
Posted By: Villa Formosa
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