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Kidnap and Ransom


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With the changes in South African crime statistics it is becoming more and more apparent that the number of kidnapping is increasing dramatically.  It is no longer the celebrity or major diplomat that is at risk, but every day individuals.  It would appear from statistics that kidnappings are happening on a very localised and  frequent basis with ransoms no longer in the millions of Rands, but now in the thousands, which is seen to be more easily available by the potential victims family or company.

Major kidnappings are still occurring costing the victims families millions of Rands.  Companies are increasingly at risk when placing their employees and their families in various situations worldwide.  As this is a very sensitive insurance product all efforts are made to ensure the anonymity of the insured

Policy Period

The policy will be sold on an annual basis.

Limits of Indemnity and Premium

Limits of indemnity are available from R150 000 in the aggregate to any requested limits.

All proposals are sent to the underwriters for individual rating, whether they be individuals or companies.  Companies are able to design a custom made policy designed to suite their specific needs.


 A personal accident extension is available to compensate the insured should he be insured as a result of his kidnapping.

Individuals are able to protect their nuclear family who are living with him (wife, children under 18)

Repatriation is available to company’s employees families should the employee be kidnapped while stationed abroad as well as travelling expenses should the family wish to go to the country where their loved one is being held.


The world in which professionals operate is one of ever increasing pressure with demands for quick answers and cost effective solutions.  This pressure can lead to errors and omissions by the professional which can and does give rise to claims.  This factor together with the litigious nature of our society underscores the need for Professional Indemnity both for clients and professionals.

Professional Indemnity insurance essentially provides the named insured with indemnity in respect of legal liability arising out of the practice of his profession.  This normally arises as a result of negligent acts, errors or omissions.  Claims arise in the course of rendering professional services where a fee is earned for advice given.

Professional Indemnity insurance has to do with understanding the risks involved when working as a professional, and taking adequate steps to protect against the consequences of these risks.  It is vital for the professional to understand the necessity to be proactive in protecting against any exposure, financial or otherwise.

Our Professional Indemnity binder is underwritten by Lloyd’s of London and caters to numerous professions.

We obtain both a local and an international quotation where available.

Policy Period

The policy is sold on an annual basis, with monthly premiums available.  

Limits of Indemnity and Excesses

Limits of indemnity have a minimum of one million Rand in the aggregate, to an unlimited maximum.  Various flat excesses are offered by underwriters.

All proposals are sent to the underwriters for individual rating.
Any additional documentation is appreciated to assist the underwriters with their rating.

Proposal Forms

Each industry has its own individual proposal form which is available from Carl Greaves Brokers (Pty) Ltd –

Personal Accident Insurance specifically with Death Cover due to War and Terrorism

Acts of war and terror take place in many aspects of our daily lives.  With the increase of global travel, the risk of being exposed to these threats are increased exponentially.  Major life insurance excludes death cover should the insured be killed due to acts of war or terrorism.  All major personal accident schemes also exclude any payout for an injury sustained due to an act of war or terrorism.  South African’s travelling for both work and pleasure purposes world wide need this type of cover.

South African’s particularly at risk:

    * International South African Companies who are extending their services throughout the world, but particularly within Africa.
    * Individuals who are contracted to different parts of the world, e.g. engineers, IT specialists, retailers, bankers, journalists, etc.
    * Individuals who travel for pleasure
    * Diplomats
    * Medical care givers
    * Pilots and Flight attendants
    * Sportsmen

Significant volumes of South Africans are travelling to all parts of the world, where threat of not only war but also terrorism cannot be removed or defined.  These numbers will continue to increase with the booming economy in South Africa and the growing influence of South African business interests world wide.


The policy is underwritten by Lloyd’s of London.

Policy Period

The policy is sold on an annual basis, with the premium paid annually upfront per named individual.

Limits of Indemnity and Premium

Four limits of indemnity for individuals per person are available:-

R1 million; R2 million; R3,5 million

Where a company is looking to insure a large contingency the proposal will be sent to the Underwriters for their consideration. These terms are for death and capital benefits following injury due to acts of war and terrorism only.

The War  policy is our own policy there is no other available.

Should you require any further information please do not hesitate to contact

Carl Greaves Brokers (Pty) Ltd
Authorised Financial Services Provider (FSP 13147)
Tel: 021 948 0630
Fax: 021 948 0632

Date Posted: 2010-03-10
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