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There have been many articles posted about the goings on in Cape Town and the 2010 World Cup, the stadium workers soccer tournaments and much news for locals to enjoy. So this time there is going to be some information about the city itself for visitors who might be interested in visiting next year, or anytime. There is even some information for people who might be looking to invest or even start up a business in Cape Town. Throughout the piece there are some useful links to send you to valuable websites to do with Cape Town

Cape Town's name originated from the term 'Cape of Good Hope' when Bartholomew Diaz and other seafarers looked forward to the sight of Table Mountain, like an inn that promised hospitality and prosperity. The presence of Table Mountain in all its splendour still invokes this kind of emotion. Cape Town is steeped in a rich history and is a cultural melting pot with its diverse and vibrant character being derived from Khoisan and other African tribes from the North, and Indonesian, French, Dutch, British and German settlers.

Bustling and beautiful, the cosmopolitan nature of Cape Town means that one never tires of the multitude of experiences it has to offer. From pristine coastlines and a magnificent countryside offering a unique floral kingdom, to the many shopping malls, restaurants, jazz cafes, fleamarkets, theatres and glitzy casinos and nightclubs, Cape Town appeals to the nature-lover and the nightcrawler!

To find out more about Cape Town as a destination for tourism, events or conventions, please visit our tourism site at


The City of Cape Town website is intended to provide information and services to the business community of the City of Cape Town area, and is currently being expanded to a comprehensive A-Z directory of council services which are specifically directed to business.

One abattoir falls under City of Cape Town control (CMC Administration). Situated in Maitland, this abattoir maintains a particularly high standard of product delivery and service and provides meat for a large percentage of residents in the Cape Metropolitan Area.

Economic and Human Development
The Economic Development Service works towards realising the City of Cape Town's vision of developing a place of opportunity for its citizens by building globally competitiveness and reducing poverty. Our projects focus on Business Area Management, Economic Strategy development and Co-ordination, Foreign Trade Promotion, Investment Promotion, Major Events, Sector/ Cluster Support and Small Business Support including Procurement Development and Informal Trading. More...

Integrated Waste Exchange (IWEX)
IWEX is a free service for all South African businesses - matching "waste material generators" to " waste material users". IWEX lists material requests/offers on the IWEX catalogue via an online listing form More... Joint Marketing Initiative
The City of Cape Town's Economic Development and Tourism Directorate and the Western Cape Provincial Administration developed the Joint Marketing Initiative partnership to enhance the branding and marketing of the region and City. Marketing strategies have been developed for 5 JMI sectors:Investment promotion, Foreign trade promotion, Tourism promotion, Major events and Film promotion. More...

Public Safety
Civil protection services are rendered 6 Administrations, but are co-ordinated by the CMC Administration. This is facilitated by the establishment of a CMC Administration sponsored Metropolitan Operations Centre (MOC) that monitors incidents and provides centralised rapid response access to civil protection and emergency services elements maintained by the Administrations. The various emergency-, law enforcement- and disaster management services of the City of Cape Town are ready for any contingency that may arise.

Date Posted: 2009-10-09
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