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City of Cape Town an Independant Republic


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The City of Cape Town has gotten a new label given to it by the residents. The Republic of Cape Town was Coined by Heart radio station and is growing in popularity. In the article below Heart radio station has put together reason for the 'Mother city' to have it's own emblem and how to go about getting Cape Town the prestigious title.

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Cape Town declared an independent republic

by: Heart 104.9

From its weather to its people, Cape Town has its own unique beat. According to research recently conducted by OIL there is a distinct Cape Town mindset that is unique to Capetonians.

“From our research findings we understood that there was a code for Cape Town, and what was on-code for Cape Town - calm, peaceful, content - would be completely off-code for Jozi - noise, buzz, searching,” says Velma Botha, Head of OIL Cape Town. “Because of this mindset Capetonians are often labelled as lazy and slack, however they are generally more satisfied with their lives than their peers in other parts of the country,” says Botha. Capetonians live according to a different set of priorities as the rest of the country. “Capetonians generally are found to be happy with their surrounds, other than in Johannesburg and other cities where people are constantly on the lookout for something better,” says Botha.

OIL did both ethnographic research as well as in-depth interviews amongst approximately 50 Capetonians where they tried to understand the emotional and instinctive relationship that Capetonians have with their city. They determined that Capetonians - regardless of race, religion or income group - think that they live in the best city in the world and they define themselves by their city and view themselves as Capetonians before they see themselves, as black, white or coloured. “For Capetonians it is more important to be connected to their city, which is where their sense of identity comes from - more so than their country and their racial group,” says Botha.

The research was conducted on commission of Heart 104.9FM. In the light of the findings Heart 104.9FM declared Cape Town an independent republic in their new brand campaign. The campaign will run for the remainder of August and strive to grow Cape Town pride even further. “Cape Town has a life of its own and as Capetonians we understand the Cape Town mindset more than anyone else. This is why all that we do on and off-air resonate the fact that we are everything that's real and authentic about Cape Town. Heart 104.9FM is the station for Capetonians by Capetonians and by tuning into us, listeners tap into the essence of Cape Town,” says Alexis Searle, Marketing Manager for the station.

The aim of the campaign is also to initiate a strong spirit amongst Capetonians and to celebrate the collective beauty and wonders that Capetonians share. Nowhere else will you have four seasons in one day, the great rock, Table Mountain, in the middle of the city and squeaky-white beaches on one side whilst award-winning wines grow on the other side. “The culmination of beauty and character is what creates a sense of purpose and belonging among the residents of Cape Town,” says Searle.

For more information about the campaign tune into 104.9FM or visit and join the movement, take the deceleration and be part of the Republic of Cape Town.

Date Posted: 2009-08-05
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