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Service Delivery in The Cape Improving


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The City of Cape Town has over 50% approval rating from Capetonians for service delivery, an improvement on last years 50%. This is a huge boost for the DA and will most likely influence their popularity in the Cape of Good Hope. Residents and businesses participated in the survey which was started last year to keep tabs on service delivery. Overall performance from business rated higher than residence but as S.A cities goes, we can feel proud of the work being done and that an improvement is being made to city for the benefit of those who live there.

In the article below, the findings of the survey is listed as well as the areas of strength and weakness, these surveys are an important indication to local government on the successes and failures. Use the link to view various articles on The City of Cape Town on CBN's website as well as business related articles.

Service delivery perceptions improving - City of Cape Town
Communications Dept

54% of those surveyed rated municipal performance as good, very good or excellent

Capetonians say City's service delivery has further improved  

Cape Town's citizens perceive the level of services provided by the municipality to have improved in the past year and satisfaction with service delivery has risen since the last survey was done in 2007/2008.

These were the main findings of a survey, commissioned by the City of Cape Town's Strategy & Planning Directorate and conducted by TNS Research Surveys.

"This is the second year that we have conducted the survey," says Cllr Marian Nieuwoudt , Mayor al Committee Member for Planning and Environment. "It helps us monitor trends over time and guides us in improving service delivery, allocating resources and identifying priorities".

"From mid-November last year until mid-January, the pollsters conducted personal interviews with 3000 people throughout the metropole. Telephonic interviews were also conducted with a sample of 500 companies."

Among the important findings of the survey were:

Overall perceptions of performance of the City of Cape Town have increased significantly since last year, with increases in people generally saying things have improved across all service delivery areas.

    * 54% of residents said that overall, the City of Cape Town 's performance was good, very good or excellent (up from last year's 50%).
    * 54% of residents rate the City of Cape Town as good, very good or excellent in fulfilling its role as a public service provider (up from 46% last year)
    * 61% of residents rate their level of trust in the City of Cape Town as fairly strong, very strong or extremely strong (up from last year's 50%).

Satisfaction with service delivery has increased since the last time it was measured in 2007/2008, with an increase in the number of respondents who believe that things have improved across all the City's Directorates.

"We would like to thank everyone who participated in the survey. Your feedback provides pragmatic guidelines as to where the City should focus its efforts," says Cllr Nieuwoudt.

"Overall, the provision of essential services remains a relative strength of the City; in particular, refuse removal, water, and sanitation services.

Community facilities such as libraries, community centres and civic halls are also relatively highly rated, but parks have been identified as an area for improvement."

"The survey responses indicate that we excel in fire and emergency responses and the training of rescue workers and their quality of service are considered particular strengths.

"Winter flooding remains a concern and an area we need to prioritise. Residents would also like to see us taking a stronger line on refuse dumping and neighbourhood noise levels.

"The survey indicated that housing and healthcare are perceived as critical areas of under-delivery, although these, like transport and community safety, are not the sole responsibility of local government.

"An opportunity exists for the City to expedite responses to telephone calls and e-mails.

What business says?

Results for businesses in Cape Town also showed improvements:

    * 77% of businesses said that overall, the City of Cape Town 's performance was good, very good or excellent (up from last year's 69%).
    * 75% of businesses rate the performance of the City of Cape Town in fulfilling its role as a provider of municipal services as good, very good or excellent (up from 70% last year)
    * 78% of businesses rated their level of level of trust in the City of Cape Town as fairly strong, very strong or extremely strong (up from last year's 72%).

Date Posted: 2009-07-17
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