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Cape Town,at the southern tip of Africa is the meeting place of two mighty and bountiful oceans, the Indian and the Atlantic. It is a city like no other on earth. In every corner of The Mother City a new sight greets you.. In short the scenery is just spectacular.

Cape town summer starts November up until April. In the middle of summer it can be extremely hot and dry, around January the warmest. If you're looking for sun and beach this is the best time to visit, If you are looking for slightly cooler weather but still sunny days - September, October, March  and April are good months to visit too.
The list is endless there is a lot of attractions in Cape Town. If you are looking to come to Cape Town formerly known as the Cape of Good Hope below is an introduction of the city 

Cape Town Is The Symbol For Economic Growth In The Western Cape Of South Africa
By Kadence Buchanan

Nicknamed 'the mother city' and located on the Western Cape of South Africa, Cape Town is the cultural and business center of South Africa. As such, it is the very heart and soul of this part of the continent. Founded in 1652, it was built by Indonesian, French, Dutch, British, and German settlers as well as the native Afrikaners who inhabit the Western Cape of South Africa. It has grown to a population of over 3,500,000, and so it is also the largest city in South Africa. Cape Town is strikingly beautiful as well. Sitting at the foot of the massive Table Mountain and surrounded by two oceans, the landscape of Cape Town has been captured by photographers from all over the world.

This is fitting, because Table Mountain not only dominates the city of Cape Town, it looks over almost the entire Western Cape of South Africa. With a plateau of 3,300 feet, Table Mountain usually has a layer of clouds surrounding it, which is often referred to as the "tablecloth". Visitors can reach the summit by roads or cable cars, and when they get to the top they can see both the Atlantic and the Indian Ocean as well as the entire city of Cape Town.

This includes the suburbs, which are scattered around the entire mountain. Here, you will find the residential neighborhoods of Cape Town, which are truly diverse and representative of the different cultures of the Western Cape of South Africa. There is plenty of local shopping here, as well as trendy restaurants and the largest collection of Cape Dutch style architecture in the entire world.

Cape Town is full of things to do and see. While this city is best known for diamond shopping, whale watching, and the exclusive beaches of the Western Cape of South Africa, there are important historical sites to visit as well. Attractions like Robben Island, where Nelson Mandela was held captive for his protests of apartheid, have become symbols of hope for the future generations of Cape Town.

Reminders like this keep Cape Town and the Western Cape of South Africa on track to becoming the world class venue that it needs to be in order to keep growing economically. Apartheid, which was introduced in 1948, kept South Africa from realizing its dreams for decades. With the decline of apartheid, the city of Cape Town has seen phenomenal economic growth.

Tourism, manufacturing, mining, drilling for oil, and the importing and exporting of goods are driving the economic boom in the Western Cape of South Africa. Many major companies now have headquarters in Cape Town, and the real estate market is thriving.

The higher educational system for the Western Cape of South Africa is also centered in Cape Town. This includes the University of Cape Town and Stellenbosch University which are located here. These are the leading Universities of South Africa.

Cape Town is definitely the most extraordinary city on the Western Cape of South Africa, and by international standards is considered to be a world class venue. It has overcome much political adversity to become a strong city for the western Cape of South Africa and a very bright economic future is predicted for this incredible city.

Date Posted: 2009-05-20
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