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Going out to buy new clothes can be a very daunting prospect, there are so many things to consider. Do you buy clothes that will be sutable for social occasionsand for work, or do you buy seperate sets for both? How should you spend? What are the latest fashion trends? Thankfully there are people that can help with this sort of thing. Jane Shonfeld Corporate Image Consultant can help you with all things to so with your image as a professional in the work place.

Below is an article with some useful advice for consumers about clothing, but sometimes the best thing possible is to get a professional to come in and help

Article by Alain Picard


Although you might not be well informed about all the latest fads and must haves in the fashion world, you know that looking good is of the utmost importance. No matter what the setting, business or casual, dressing right makes a good impression.

When shopping find the classics, clothes that you can wear for many years. This will lower your costs and make your wardrobe last longer. This way you can gradually add to your own clothing collection without having trousers and shirts that don't combine with anything. Think carefully about what you are buying, and make sure that you are getting something worthwhile for your money.

The best thing to do before going on a shopping spree, if you're completely changing your wardrobe, is to dismantle it. Divide everything you have into suits, shirts and trousers and try them on. They may not fit if they haven't been used for a while. Is the fit too tight, too long, or not long enough? Do they need to be adjusted and if they are will you really wear them? Otherwise, sell them to a second-hand store and get a new pair.

Equally important is not to compromise on how your suit jacket fits, make sure that the sleeves are just the right length and the blazer doesn't scream when it's buttoned up. Once you have arranged out your outfits return them into your closet. If you are really well organized then putting them back in color or season order will certainly speed things up when you get dressed in the morning.

If your white ones look like they have seen better days then trade them in for some new ones. Why not buy a French cuff sleeved shirt and some cufflinks? You will tell everyone how well versed you are in the concept of conservative dress if you do this. Again when you return your shirts to your closet organize them according to season. So they are categorized in terms of short and long sleeved.

Search your ties and remember the last time you had them on. You should probably get rid of them if they're over a year old, and buy some new ones as replacements. Don't be afraid to go for brightly colored ties, just make sure you ask an assistant or image consultant for advice. Neckties are great ways to make fashion statements and look fantastic when you combine them with your cufflinks.

Make sure that you pay the same attention to your undergarments as you do to your outer garments. Your socks should be in good shape and not in need of repair. Make sure that your underwear is whiter than white and the elastic hasn't come loose. It is necessary to consider your whole image and this will surely give you more confidence.

Date Posted: 2009-10-06
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