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Improving the way you look improves the way you feel about yourself, positively. Many people believe the way you dress is not what gets you ahead in life, and this is true. Although it is human nature to judge by first impressions and if someone does not appear well groomed the impression is given that he/she is untidy or unkempt.

In a time where unemployment is rife all over the world, being prepared for a job interview is vital and part of that is image. The way you dress dictates your posture and which in turn influences your self-confidence and people respond to this. Knowing what answers to give and having your CV in order is a given, what people usually get wrong is the self-image portrayed by their appearance.

In the article below Ashley Truitt discusses the best way to improve your self-image and appearance when going for an interview from your face to your clothes and shoes. For someone looking for a job in these tough times, help is always welcomed to help you be a step ahead of the rest of them. Use the navigation link to view various articles on fashion and self-image on CBN's website as well as business related articles.

Dress for Success from Head to Toe and Improve Your Self-Image
Author: Ashley Truitt

Modern society is a success-driven one and it's no secret that you have to dress for success to achieve positive results in your professional life. As much as some people like to downplay the role of an image makeover and appearances in the corporate world, the truth is, the better your professional appearance, the more likely you are to get ahead. Someone who knows how to groom and take care of himself is a better candidate for career and job advancement than someone who can't demonstrate adequate self management. It's as simple as that.

What many people seem to struggle with is the actual process of personal image improvement. Image management seems to be such a hard thing to do; it's hard enough to manage your daily responsibilities at work let alone focus on how to dress for success all the time.

And yet, it can be done. An image makeover is a fairly easy thing. With a little practice and effort, anyone can master their personal image and beat a path to job promotion and success in climbing the corporate ladder. Here are a few tips into how to successfully dress for success.

Dress for Success - The Interview
If you're just starting out and have sent your CV to various companies in the hopes of landing a job
interview, you had better be prepared to dress for success if they call you. It is vital that their first impressions of you are positive and enthusiastic. The best way to achieve this is to dress neatly and in a presentable fashion.

Men should wear clothes of a solid color. A conservative suit is recommended, as is a white, long-sleeved shirt and conservative tie. This isn't a fashion contest but it isn't a funeral either. Try not to wear too much jewelry and aim to have a neat hairstyle as well as trimmed nails. Dress for success by shaving well (or if you sport a beard, bring it under control) and limit your aftershave.

Women should also dress for success by being conservative, opting for neutral colors (e.g., white, gray, black, brown and beige) with a coordinated blouse and dress. Nothing loud please. Limit your jewelry, make-up, and perfume; instead, focus on your nails and hairstyle to make sure you look neat and

The interview is very important; if you dress for success, your chances of acceptance are greatly increased.

Dress for Success - Day To Day Professionalism
So you made the interview and have just been hired! Or perhaps you already have a job but would like to dress for success and improve your personal image as part of your plan to get ahead in life and in your career. Either way, good for you!

What you need to do now is think in terms of an image makeover and evaluate the way you dress on a daily basis. Not many people realize that clothing colors and styles play a huge role in achieving the right, most influential appearance and if you dress for success with this in mind you're sure to boost your chances of corporate triumph.

For example, color psychology teaches us that black is the color of authority and power. It is very stylish and practically works with anything. It is a safe and timeless color.

Blue, on the other hand, is a color that stimulates thought; it is academic, and also signifies loyalty. Remember this when you dress for success because if there's anything you want your boss thinking about, it's your dedication to his company.

White symbolizes purity; red is intense and often viewed as a symbol of extremity. It's best used as an accent. As you can see, each color has its own voice; it's up to you how you use them in your clothing choices. The point is, different colors have different effects when you are to dress for success.

Dress for Success - The Winning Factor
Perhaps the most important factor when you dress for success is your smile. You'll be amazed at what a clean and white set of teeth can do for your career. An image makeover is never complete without attention to one's smile.

Everybody appreciates a smile. It's pretty hard to refuse one. Genuine smiles are reassuring, positive, and can generate a lot of cheer and goodwill between people. It takes little effort to smile and if you're working in a corporate setting, where human interaction is high, smiles go a long way in communicating and keeping stress levels at bearable levels. When you dress for success, a winning smile is the proverbial cherry on the top.

But the secret to a great smile is not in just how you smile but in the physical parts involved - namely, your teeth. Bright white teeth are far more pleasing to look at than yellow discolored teeth. And if you're serious about improving your image when you dress for success you'd do well to undergo teeth cleaning to make sure you're smile is a winning factor in your pursuit of career advancement.

There are various teeth whitening options available. You can either go to a dentist to have your teeth cleaned (which can cost anywhere between $500 and $2000) or avail of an over-the-counter tooth whitening product and bleach your teeth at home(prices range from $20 to $300). Not all systems are alike and results depend on various factors.

You can choose between gels, strips, toothpastes, or trays. But perhaps the most popular of these are trays because of the extent to which they can clean your teeth unlike others, which, while they contain effective amounts of cleaning agents and enzymes, can be impractical in their application. Gels often don't
stick well to teeth while strips can be uneven and result in "teeth striping." Toothpastes are washed out of the mouth when gargling water (how they actually work is a bit of a mystery). Trays that cover your teeth in a comfortable manner allow for the best and most effective way of cleaning all the parts of your teeth.

Dress for Success - Presentation Is Key
So there you have it, the dress for success ingredients. Remember, it's all about presentation. If you show you mean business by presenting yourself in a decent and confident manner by the way you dress, carry yourself, and smile, you're on the right path to image improvement. Success in your professional life is yours for the taking.

Date Posted: 2009-07-23
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