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Maximize your Image Potential - Picking the Right Clothes


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The world of business demands more and more of our time these days, and the higher one climbs the business ladder, the less time there is for exercise, shopping, relaxation, healthy eating and all of the other good things in life.

This shortage of time to keep ourselves in shape obviously has a knock-on effect on the condition of our bodies, not to mention our ability to carefully plan out our choices in clothing. Not dressing according to one's body shape can create a poor self-image as the parts of the body that we most dislike are often accentuated by the choice of cut, colour and other factors. Fortunately there are some simple tips toward more appropriate dress and a better self-image, here they are...

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Women's Clothing: Ways to Look Slim
By: Kashmira Lad

Are you running the treadmill for hours with no visible effects of slimming down? Well, it’s not always your exercise routine, how you dress always has an impact on how you look. Here are some ways to look slim with simple steps that will flatter your figure rather than blowing it out of proportion!

Most women always have one common thought in mind-what are the various ways to look slim and trim? While some cut down on their food intake and others swear by rigorous exercise routines, there are times you may have felt whether these routines actually work. Almost every woman would want to look slimmer and taller and her everyday habit would be to glance longingly at the weighing scale and hope it shows a reduction in the flab. Well, the point is, not many women know that women’s clothing can be altered to suit your body structure and can even make you look slimmer! Yes, this is probably why you don’t always ‘see’ yourself look slimmer. If you are wearing women’s clothing that is not suited for your body, it can obviously never flatter your figure. So, are there any fashionable ways to look slim without throwing out those gorgeous pieces in the closet? This is possible only with a matter of the right know how! Here are some ways to look slim by adding subtle changes to your wardrobe.

Women’s Clothing: Ways to Look Slim (Without losing the flab!)

Always remember to accentuate your assets! This would draw the attention away from the other problem areas of the body and give you a slimmer look overall. Avoid wide and broad belts if you have a large waist. If you have nice legs, go in for a knee length skirt with a basic shirt to bring more attention to the legs.

For the top-heavy women, always avoid clingy fabrics on the top area. You need to go in for darker colors. Look for tops with raglan sleeves or ones that fit loose and slim down to hug the hips and waist. You can go in for thin materials like cotton or cotton jersey. The one way to look slim would definitely be the use of one-color dressing.

This helps to slim down the overall silhouette. As mentioned before, if you have well shaped legs, then go in for a knee length skirt to draw the attention away from the top area.

The kind of fit you choose for your pants can also go a long way in making you look slimmer than usual. Your pants should at least be long enough to cover half your heel. If you are on the shorter side, wearing a straight leg or slight boot cut can elongate your leg. Avoid French pleats or cropped pants. Ensure the pants fit you snugly and not too tightly. An excess of fabric on the bottom area would add bulk and give it a shapeless look. Long pants create the illusion of a longer body; and in turn, can make you look slimmer.

Colors help you in various ways to look slim. Well, black therefore rates high on the list of women on the heavier side. This does not mean you always have to wear outfits in full black and lose your connection with color. You can go in for bright hues but use these to highlight body areas, which can be used to your advantage. You wouldn’t want to wear a color that screams for attention and shows you in the wrong light. Similarly, you may also need to check the large patterned tops or pants you may own. Large patterns tend to add bulk to your body. Look for some delicate designs instead.

If you are heavy on the hips choose clothes with small padded shoulders (if you must wear padded shoulders). Large shoulder pads can make you look really huge which if something, you obviously wish to avoid. Wear tops that reach your hips so that it slims down the problem area. Go in for jackets, shirtwaist dresses with straight, classic cuts and tailored suits. Wear lighter shades on the upper torso and dark stockings below. Choose patterns that go below your knees. This would underplay the hip area. So, if you really wish to wear a dress, look for an ankle length, flowing one. Stick to A-line patterns and avoid umbrella and pinafore cuts.

Always choose garments with vertical lines. This is one of the great ways to look slim. The use of vertical lines also elongates and slims down the body by adding height to it. These lines can be created by pinstripes, prints, topstitching etc. Horizontal lines add width to the body, so avoid these in any form.

Wearing loose clothes all the time may not always be the right way to look slim. Instead, opt for clothes that fit well! Avoid wearing small sized clothes as well. I have often seen women go in for something that is smaller than their regular size only because it has caught their fancy.

Wearing skinny or slim bangles and bracelet styled watches can make your arms look thinner. Avoid shiny fabrics in loud colors. These reflect light and thus will make you appear larger.

Women’s clothing are available in a variety of options today, so finding the right cut and style to flatter you may not always be as difficult as you think. These various ways to look slim should definitely help you get a new look without sweating it out on the treadmill!

By Kashmira Lad

Published: 1/17/2008

Date Posted: 2009-03-13
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