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Compliment your Corporate Image with a Functional Scarf


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Summers in Cape Town tend to reach their highest temperatures shortly before autumn. This trend drives one to curse the heat the one day and shiver in the cold the next when one leaves the home without anything warm to pull on when the weather changes. Even once adapted to the cold, it is difficult to find warm clothing that can be put on or taken off according to changes in the weather while still looking professional. Scarves are a solution to this problem, as they are very portable, keep one warm in moderately cold weather and tend not to take away from one's corporate image.

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Designer Scarves at a Religious Ceremony?
By: RC Rougeux

Designer scarves can be a wonderful addition to your wardrobe. Especially if you can purchase them without paying the high price of the real ones. If you find that the winter blues are turning into the wardrobe blahs, you'll likely find that a few of these Fendi and Burberry look-a-likes can transform how you feel about your clothes...and yourself!

For centuries people have been wearing these accessories for practical, religious, and fashion purposes. Today they still wear them for the same purposes. By going out and picking up two or three can add real pop and zest to your wardrobe. Where once you felt there was only boring old clothes...thats no longer the case, and you can be made to feel great about yourself. And that's the most important thing, isn't it? You SHOULD have clothes that help you to feel good about yourself!

Here are the "must have" style wear you want to own for your closet:

Pick up a smooth, soft cashmere or velvet designer scarf. These luxurious scarves look great in formal settings, so be sure to find ones that match or coordinate with your formal wear, ball gowns, and evening dresses. In particular, dresses without sleeves or shoulders can end up leaving you feeling chilly all night so a beautiful paisley draped over your shoulders will not only keep you warm but will help to really add something special and unique to your outfit.

A beautiful, tightly woven merino is great to leave in your desk drawer at work. That way, if the air conditioning gets turned up too high you can put it on and still look very professional. Also, silk and a finer wool in neutral colors could be the perfect addition to your corporate or professional outfit.

You'll also want a tight-to-medium knit (fringes optional) in an off-white that can look great with a pair of jeans, running shoes, and a plain t-shirt. For an evening out with the girls, or a casual date with a guy, this is a great look.

Lastly, don't forget your comfort clothes! There's nothing like wearing jogging pants and a big, baggy shirt to walk around the house in. Now, you can take that comfort to the next level with a big, wooly designer scarf that feels great. Curl up with it and have a nap, sip hot chocolate by the fire, read a book by candlelight, have a little campfire in your backyard, snuggle into an oversized chair with a magazine...whatever you want to do, a thick knit, big wool scarf will make that moment extra relaxing.

These accessories are wonderful, ancient creations that come in either a square or triangular shape (and are usually worn in a triangular shape) or a semi-circular shape. They are draped over your shoulders and can be left to hang on their own or clipped together with some kind of clasp.

Today, designer scarves are as popular as they ever were thanks to its combination of fashion and practicality.


About the author:

Beautiful designer scarves and shawls can be found at


Date Posted: 2009-03-05
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