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As many of you may know, I do many client evenings for Woolworths stores around the country – and sitting here in my office in the middle of Winter right on top of the heater made me think of all the information I learned from the brief I was given for their Summer range. We all say that we ‘care’ about the environment – but do we actively do anything about it? By looking at the labels on the clothing you buy, you can show your concern for the environment and help towards the ‘global’ commitment to ecology.

LINEN is a naturally occurring vegetable fibre that comes from the stem of the flax plant – yes it is prone to creasing and has slight imperfections in the fibre but that is because it is a natural fibre. It is also 2-3 times stronger than cotton (which is why linen tablecloths have been handed down from generation to generation!). Who ever thought of BAMBOO as a fabric? But it makes perfect sense as it literally grows like ‘weeds’, without requiring chemical input such as fertilizers and pesticides. It is also a very comfortable fibre because bamboo is so tall, therefore producing a longer fibre making for a cleaner surface fabric that is naturally soft.

Global sales in ORGANIC COTTON increase by 35% per year and by using and buying organic cotton we help to promote the organic farming of cotton and are therefore contributing towards a less polluted and safer environment for all. COTTON SILK is a blend obviously of cotton and silk which are both naturally occurring fibres. Cotton offers comfort, warmth and moisture absorption, while silk gives lightness and luxury to the garment.

Look out for cotton fabrics that contain a minimum of 5% organic cotton – that way you will still be helping to promote organic farming. Also look out for PURE SILK that can be hand washed instead of dry cleaned (saving money as well as the environment!) Shopping carefully for accessories can also make a difference – there are many necklaces and hair accessories made in natural materials like wood and raffia. Likewise, straw bags are handcrafted using natural fibres.

In the June issue of ‘Real Simple’ magazine, I have contributed towards an article entitled “wardrobe wisdom” – when to splurge and when to save on your wardrobe staples. With the sales coming up soon, we need to be clever about what we shop for, so don’t go for anything that will date. Shoes and bags are always a good bet as well as jackets, tops and pants that are more classic in design.

I am also writing regular articles for a magazine entitled Risk SA which is a publication for the insurance broker industry. It seems that more and more corporates are realizing that if their staff look and feel good, they perform better.

So to end off I’d like to remind you that if you would like to purchase a copy of my book “Make the Most of Yourself”, they are available from me at a price of R120.00 (incl postage and packaging). Ph 083 453 3339


PS For those of you traveling during the school holidays, take care and bon voyage!

Date Posted: 2007-06-28
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