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How Does Online Sports Betting Work: This Beginner's Guide to Online Sports Betting Will Help You Place Your Very First Wager and Help to Improve Your Chances Of Winning.


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According to market experts, the global sports betting market records over three trillion dollars a year, with a huge porting coming from online betting activities. Most punters enjoy placing their wagers online for the convenience of betting while on the go and also the opportunity to wager on live events on Betway and other bookies. Even better, online sports betting is straightforward, and most sportsbooks offer incredible bonuses alongside solid odds.

This beginner's guide to online sports betting will help you place your very first wager and help to improve your chances of winning whether you're a sports fan or a casual viewer.

The Bookies Explained

The bookies' job is to estimate the probability of a certain event occurring in a sports event by carefully analyzing possible outcomes in a match. They do that by looking at past games, fitness, form, and how the people are likely to wager. That means the most likely outcomes will have low odds and vice-versa. For instance, if Barcelona is playing against a much weaker team, the bookmakers might give the odds of 1/20. The other team will get longer odds.

Of course, a weak team can hardly beat the strong team, but anything can happen in all sports, and that's the beauty of it. Understanding this will help you understand how betting odds work, as the trick is in taking well-calculated risks and wagering where you can win.

Betting On Value

While you can easily wager on any event using a sports betting app, it's essential to understand the concept of value to know when a bet is worth it. To know whether there's value in a bet, you need to consider both the teams and the players playing. That includes whether they are in good form, looking at injuries on either side and considering the bookmaker's favorite. If the team that's considered less likely to win can actually spring a surprise, then you've found yourself a good value bet.

Although some people might think that long odds indicate the better value, that's not true in all cases. For instance, going for 100/1 odds on Betway for the goalkeeper to score won't impress anyone as it is improbable to happen, and you'll lose your cash. However, if you combine your analysis with your knowledge of the game while looking at form tables and team guides, you can easily find positive value.

How To Predict Outcomes

Besides identifying value, you need to predict events to win correctly. Fortunately, that doesn't always mean predicting the winning team based on the final scores. You can choose from hundreds of other markets, including the number of corners, first team to score, half time scores, double-chance, and whether both teams will score, to mention a few.

Some of the factors to consider when predicting online sports betting outcomes include the team's lineup, change of odds, and team history. The game's location is also important as the host tends to have a home ground advantage over the visiting team. That can influence the outcome of a game, but there are no guarantees in sports.


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