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Understanding the Different Soccer Bets: Soccer Boasts Of Comprising a Fandom 50% Of the World's Population Making the Game the Largest Entertainment and Business Revenue Generator.


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Soccer boasts of comprising a fandom 50% of the world's population making the game the largest entertainment and business revenue generator. It is no surprise with such large masses following the game, many have taken to make monetary personal gains through betting. An array of soccer betting websites have provided wagers with an arsenal of options to choose from. If you are into online betting South Africa with Betway, you would want to know to bet on your favorite team. However, are you placing your bets rightly? We will talk about how you can use Betway right, if you want to make money with soccer bets.

The Top Soccer Bet Terms You Need to Know

Apart from the choice of online betting platforms, depending on the risk-taking ability of the wager, there are different types of soccer bets that can be placed. Below listed are a few guidelines of the many different kinds of bets placed on soccer games for your understanding:

1. Money Line: Most widely used and easiest method where in a wager predicts which team wins the match.

2. Double Bet: This allows a wager to choose 2 possible outcomes out of 3 wherein either of the teams win or the outcome is a draw. The wager wins only if both his predictions are true. For instance, in a match between Chelsea and Liverpool, a wager predicts either Chelsea wins or match will be a draw. He loses his money if Liverpool wins the match. It’s a strategy you can try out with Betway.

3. Treble: Three bets are placed and one has to win all three to win the bet. This could be done when the wager has placed bets on the outcome of three different matches. He can win the bet only if all the three outcomes work as predicted by him. The stakes in this form of betting are much higher and huge profit or losses could be incurred.

4. Accumulator: Highly risky but rewarding method where 4 or more bets are made and each of the bets must yield a positive outcome for you to win.

5. Draw No bet: A bet wherein the rookie puts money on one of the 2 teams and if the match results in a draw; the wager's money is refunded.

6. First Goal: As the name suggests, money is vouched on which team will score the first goal.

7. Over/ Under: Wager predicts whether the total goals scored in a match will be over or under a certain specified number.

8. Half Time: Predict the outcome of the game at half time.

9: First Goal Scorer: Wagers put their money on the player who they think would score the first goal.

10. Scorecast: A bet in which the rookie predicts who would score the first goal of the match and what would be the final score at the end of the 90 minutes. If both the outcomes are predicted correctly, the wager wins the bet.

With a fair idea on different combinations you can choose from, you are all set to put a price on the next match you watch. Which of these terms didn’t you know about? Let us know in the comments below.


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