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Betway Begins Search for New Creative Agency: Betway Begins Search for New Creative Agency


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If you love betting on your favorite sports games, we are sure you have heard about Betway. The company is known to offer some of the best online betting platform for its fans, and ensures you can bet across a wide range of sports. So, it doesn’t matter whether you love cricket, football, hocket, F1 or something else, you could bet on the matches and win!

Earlier this year, Betway, the flagship brand of The Betway Group, has embarked on a new creative journey. The online gambling company announced its new search for a creative agency as it ends its partnership with Above+Beyond.

Sports bettors who love Betway - South African sports betting site, would love it since they could make better predictions. Viewers and fans would love it since they know they have a betting company genuinely interested in the welfare of sports. Betway, after all, supports major sporting teams like West Ham united in the English Premier League.

Why Did the Above+Beyond and Betway Deal Fall Through?

The termination of the said partnership isn’t like burning bridges. In the span of seven years, a lot has changed – the company became globally known especially in the Internet world, and thus its needs, in terms of digital marketing changed, too.

Anthony Werkman, Betway’s chief executive officer, stated that working with Above+Beyond was a great experience, and one that contributed to their growth significantly.

He believes that the partnership led to changing the gambling industry itself. And yet while that has been great, the agreement reached its natural conclusion now, which means that Betway now has to look for other avenues.

A Look at the Top Achievements

Active+Beyond had played a significant role in Betway’s remarkable growth. The campaign, “For the Love of the Game”, has been considered as the company’s breakthrough. It helped Betway to stand out in a jam-packed market. It mainly focused on the media market, specifically the television, press, and radio industry.

The search for the new creative agency has yet to be determined. Betway tapped the AAR to spearhead the review and prepare the shortlisting and pitch process of the said search, after it supported the gambling company’s UK media agency review.

The new agency is said to start in the summer, bound by a long-term, multi-million-pound contract. Once the agreement is signed, the new agency will start the campaign in 2019 that will be focused on Betway’s expansion into the new markets all around the world.

In other recent news, Betway’s affiliate marketing will be moved in-house, which means, moving forward, all Betway third-party marketing partners will be fully managed and monitor by the operator.

About Betway

Betway is the leading provider of online casino services that include everything from online slots, sports betting, to even bingo and poker. Known as global online gambling company, it has several brands of its own, including the likes of Betway Sportsbook, and Betway Casino. The brand is also the official partner of Premier League football club West Ham United, as we talked before.


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