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CALL CENTRES: Attrition Rate to be Addressed


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“Although the call centre industry is one of the fastest growing business sectors in South Africa and the second biggest recipient of government funding, it is weighed down by high attrition rates and replacement costs that are on average equal to a typical workerfs salary of two and a half months.  The industry is ready for a product that will assist in selecting agents who are most suitable to adapt and function within the call centre environment - addressing these challenges head-on.” So says Annemarie Lombard, owner of Sensory Intelligence Consulting.
This week sees the launch of 'Senses-on-Call', an online assessment, that call centre managers and placement agencies can use to determine the goodness of fit of a potential call centre agent. The application of this assessment on the call centre industry is a world first. Says Lombard,  “The call centre industry has a very high sensory overload rating. High noise levels and a lot of activity require a very specific personality to deal with it. This assessment with its interpretation will determine whether a potential agent will be able to deal with this sensory environment on a genetic level.”

According to Lombard, the successful identification of the right candidates through this assessment will lead to higher productivity, lower absenteeism, lower attrition rates and agents that can cope with their sensory environment. But also importantly, the agent will benefit from lower stress levels and better overall wellness when placed in a role that he is genetically inclined to handle best. 

Lombard acknowledges that there are other factors that play a role in the suitability of an agent, but this assessment will lay the foundation as a person that is not potentially sensory suitable does not justify the investment. The assessment can also be used to rate agents already employed to determine in which call centre role that agent will reach optimum productivity and suitability, assisting managers in utilising their current agent pool more effectively.

The assessments are completed online by each potential or current agent and an instantaneous report is sent to the manager when the test is submitted. The questions are not leading or work related and the margin for error is very small as the agent will at no stage feel that he could be implicated by the way he answers the questions.  The report interprets the data gathered in the assessment and gives a suitability rating for the agent as well as the best suited call centre role for the agent.

Interested parties can visit and click on eSenses-on-Callf for more information. Credits are purchased for the number of assessments needed at R350 per assessment. As soon as payment has been made, the manager is supplied with a set of usernames and passwords (with no expiry date) that are given to the call centre agents. Each agent completes the standardised 60-point assessment online and submits it upon completion. Data is interpreted instantaneously and the report e-mailed to the manager who is now equipped to make a final decision on appointment or in which role the agent should be used.
Follow up consultations with Sensory Intelligence Consulting, team leader workshops and one-to-one consultations with agents can be requested as an extension of the report at an additional fee.

Lombard concludes that this product will play a vital role in realising the high hopes that exist for large-scale job creation in the call centre industry.


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